Single-Tenant Retail

Single-Tenant Retail

Our primary focus is single-tenant, freestanding properties subject to net leases with high credit quality tenants. We seek acquisition opportunities across the United States in major markets, as well as other strategic locations. VEREIT is also interested in strategically disposing single-tenant retail properties as part of its portfolio diversification and balancing strategy.

Single Tenant

Typical Property Characteristics

    • Property Type: Single-tenant office, industrial or distribution properties
    • Property Character: Single-tenant, freestanding retail properties
    • Property Age: Recently developed properties; new construction projects for national tenants built by established developers using forward-purchase contracts
    • Lease Type: Triple- or double-net leases (roof and structure only)
    • Tenant Focus: Both public and private corporate credits that are deemed investment grade or "creditworthy"
    • Market Focus: Markets with strong demographic trends
    • Lease Term: More than 10 years with contractual rent increases

Single-Tenant Retail Acquisition Contacts

Single Tenant Retail Map