Financing for Our Real Estate Portfolios

Financing for Our Real Estate Portfolios

Transactions Finance

Our Real Estate Finance team has three primary roles:


Originate New Debt

Source debt to include:

» Senior secured mortgage term loans
» Secured and unsecured credit facilities
» Interest rate swaps converting floating rate debt to fixed rate debt


Manage the Loan Portfolios 

» Produce quarterly debt compliance calculations and loan covenant certifications for the banks and loan servicers
» Forecast forward compliance calculations to ensure loan compliance and support management’s objectives
» Coordinate loan assumptions, restructuring and refinancing activities with Real Estate Legal support on both acquisitions and property sales
» Provide management in maintaining the maximum flexibility of debt capital structure for a potential future liquidity event


Manage Key Relationships with Lender Groups

» VEREIT’s Real Estate Finance team manages relationships with the nation’s largest banks and top commercial real estate lenders in the industry