Corporate Responsibility

The name VEREIT is derived from the Latin word for truth, Veritas. At VEREIT, truth is the foundation of how we operate. We are committed to serving our tenants, stakeholders, and employees through our business approach which is disciplined, transparent, and consistent.  This model permeates into every part of our business, including company culture, environmental initiatives, and our community involvement.


VEREIT’s Environmental, Social and Governance programs are overseen by the Company’s Board of Directors along with members of the Executive Management team. The Board has delegated oversight of certain components to specific committees. The Compensation Committee oversees the Social component with the Nominating and Corporate Governance Committee tasked with Governance.  Within the Executive Management team, the Company’s Chief Operating Officer is in charge of the Environmental component, the Head of Human Resources leads our Social initiatives, and the General Counsel oversees our Corporate Governance. The Executive Management Team, led by our CEO and General Counsel, provides an update on the entire program to the full Board semi-annually.