About Us

Our Business Approach

Our company culture, which we consider to be the root of our success, is based on treating others the way we would like to be treated. This means we are ethical, dedicated, collaborative, hard-working and respectful. In turn, this drives our business approach which is disciplined, transparent and consistent. This foundation guides all of our actions, policies and programs, including our corporate governance led by an independent Board of Directors, fully transparent reporting, regulatory compliance and adhering to industry-leading best practice standards.

About Us

Our Focus

VEREIT owns and actively manages a diversified portfolio of retail, restaurant, office and industrial real estate assets subject to long-term net leases with high credit quality tenants. Our focus is on properties that are strategically located and essential to the business operations of the tenant, as well as retail properties that offer necessity- and value-oriented products or services.


We actively manage the portfolio by considering several metrics including property type, concentration and key economic factors for appropriate balance and diversity. Actively managing our portfolio allows us to attain the best operating results for each asset – and the overall portfolio - through strategic planning, implementation of these plans and responding proactively to changes and challenges in the marketplace.

Our Name

Our name is the blend of two powerful ideas: Veritas, Latin for truth, and REIT, the industry in which we strive to be a respected leader.