Financing for Our Real Estate Portfolios

Our Real Estate Finance team has three primary roles in support of both VEREIT
and the Cole Capital REITs:

Real Estate Portfolios

Manage the loan portfolios for both VEREIT and the Cole REITs®:

» Produce quarterly debt compliance calculations and certifications for all of the portfolios for the banks and loan servicers
» Forecast forward compliance to make sure that the build out of the Cole REIT portfolios continues to maintain lender compliance and meet management’s objectives for the REITs
» Coordinate loan assumptions with real estate legal on both acquisitions and property sales
» Assist Cole Capital management in maintaining the maximum flexibility of a Cole REIT debt capital structure for a potential future liquidity event

Originate new loans for the Cole REITs:

» Senior secured term loans
» Secured and unsecured lines of credit
» Swaps converting floating rate debt to fixed rate debt

Maintain regular contact with lender groups:

» VEREIT’s Real Estate Finance team manages relationships with more than 40 banks, 15 life insurance lenders, 15 CMBS lenders and pension funds that have historically provided Cole Capital and VEREIT with financing

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